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I worked on Beyond Light as an Associate Technical Designer. My role was to build activity content and scripts to work seamlessly in a new technical framework.


I built activity content and scripts in Bungie's proprietary world editor and object-based scripting language. The scope of the activities I worked with ranged from simple patrols to complex dungeon boss encounters. In the world editor, I set up combatant and object placements, and in script I tied everything together through encounter progression logic. For each activity we went through a thorough process of testing and refinement, fixing issues as we found them to deliver a polished experience for release.

Throughout the process I worked with other people from many disciplines. My team worked closely with QA to quickly identify and fix content bugs. We often had playtests including both QA testers and designers from my team, to help get more eyes on the content and more accurately identify issues versus intended behavior. I also collaborated frequently with engineers and designers from other disciplines to find solutions to bugs and content setup problems. My time on the project spanned several months of both time in the office and time working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving me experience working with these teams both in-person and through remote channels.

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