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A 2D platformer where the player throws bombs to navigate through levels. As the sole designer on our team of 5, I was responsible for designing our levels and UI, as well as for running playtesting sessions. We made this game in our own custom-built engine.


Before we implemented menus in-engine, I made a prototype in Unity reflecting what we wanted the menus to look like. That way, we could iron out issues with the layout and aesthetic before committing to in-engine implementation. Here's what it looked like:

The menus that ended up in the game lacked some of the features in the prototype, such as throwing bombs at the buttons, due to our engine's technical limitations. However, having the overall look and layout decided beforehand made implementing the menus much easier. The in-engine version also has some improvements over the prototype inspired by playtesting feedback: the cursor has a beveled effect that makes it easier to see, and the camera motion in the main menu is more subtle so that it's not distracting.

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